The Next Day Video Links

The First Single And Video: Where Are We Now?

Originally published January 11, 2013

Embedding this, and other VEVO videos, is a bit of a challenge. To listen to Where Are We Now? once, twice, perhaps multiple times until you’re singing it while doing your dishes, visit our friends at You Tube.

Although there are many versions of the song itself without the accompanying video, they simply don’t have the same impact without that last shot of Bowie, standing in the studio, wearing the Song of Norway t-shirt, showing his face, lined, wise and bare.

Whether the Song of Norway t-shirt does indeed refer to the operetta or film of the same name is anyone’s guess, including mine.

The Second Single And Video: The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

Originally published February 25, 2013

I love. But I was never not going to love it.

I LOVE Bowie in an old man sweater. Aging is beautiful. We should accept it.

(Bowie’s lyric sheet for this song was uploaded to his Facebook page. His handwritten notations indicated the Stars in the video should be represented as “Greek Gods…” Hence, I would assume, the magazine title — Pantheon — in  the video).

Again, embedding doesn’t work — visit the VEVO link here.

The Third Single And Video: The Next Day

Originally published May 8, 2013

Gee, David, tell us how you really feel. About the church, I mean.

I’ve been listening to this song almost daily for a couple of months. I kinda thought it was about Jesus.

My favourite part? The squirting blood. Part of my fascination with the movie Stigmata — which featured some Bowie music and, quite frankly, explored themes similar to this video — is my long-standing fascination with stigmata. My birthday is the feast day of a famous stigmatic. As a deep-thinking child (in retrospect, I really was — it’s scary sometimes) I always thought having the wounds of Jesus would be romantic, somehow. Particularly strange since I wasn’t even raised in the church. I found religion on my own.

Anyhoo… here’s our boy, looking so sexy as a singing Jesus and, maybe, just performing a play? Thanking the actors at the end like none of it was real?

No non-VEVO versions of this one yet, so have a look here.

The Fourth Single And Video: Valentine’s Day

Originally published October 16, 2013

Pretty sexy for an old guy. Have a look.

The Fifth Single And Video: Love Is Lost

Originally published November 3, 2013

Say goodbye to the life without pain.

Get a fix of darkened hallways, Bowie looking beautiful, and hanging out with puppets.

The Sixth Single And Video: Love Is Lost (Extended)

Originally published November 27, 2013

I prefer the puppets.

So, note the flashed scenes from the Ashes to Ashes video. It took me a second. I saw the first image of Bowie’s face and tried to place it in amongst my crumbs of memories. Where did it fall… then I remembered, it’s here

Ten minutes is a little long for me, but then I can’t do much of anything for 10 minutes except sleep, eat, meditate, write meaningless blog posts about a rock icon…

The Seventh Single And Video: I’d Rather Be High – Venetian Mix (Wasted Edit)

Originally published December 5, 2013

I like this better than the Louis Vuitton aid. For a lot of reasons.