Last Update January 8, 2014

We’ll guess this one is… 2002? So happy, funny, joking, in a good mood, and seems to have lost most of his British accent here. Preponderance of years on the “colonies” (“in” the colonies??) has caught up with him.

Except of Hermann Vaske interviewing Bowie in the mid-90s. Here, Bowie looks pretty and he seems to enjoy the blind conversation, back-to-back with Vaske, reading questions from a notebook. Note here that conceptual questions elicit cryptic, conceptual answers; straightforward questions are similarly answered directly.

Extended excerpt of Bowie’s performance of The Elephant Man, John (Joesph) Merrick, on Broadway in 1980.

Bowie interviewed by Susan Sarandon in 1983. In typical 80s style, they are sitting side-by-side on a couch, implying intimacy between the interviewer and interviewee; or at least a propensity for flirtation.

20/20 magazine profile from 1980. Highlights include clips from Bowie’s Broadway performance of the Elephant Man, and a passing reference to Bowie living apart from his wife and son — indicating the specific, and significant, point in time this profile was produced. This is Bowie right on the cusp between characterization (the 70s) and mass appeal (the 80s).