David Bowie Has Been Doing Weird Performance Art for 50 Years. And It’s Fabulous.

Let’s never forget, David Bowie never had a real job. He started in a band when he was 16 and apart from a brief sojourn in advertising, has basically just done art and music ever since.

Think about that. He’s never had a real job. I remember, years ago, it must have been during the Earthling tour when he came to Vancouver, during a radio interview when fans came to watch him perform in-studio. When time was up, someone told him they’d have to leave and go to work.

Work? You have jobs? Or something like that, Bowie said. It was cute.

It reminds me of working in a university, in an admin position years ago. One of the “socially clueless” academics — think Sheldon Cooper in female form — was complaining about how hard her work was.

“Sometimes I’d like to have an easy job, like what you do,” she said, dead serious.

Anyway. David Bowie, now pushing 70 (I said pushing, I know he’s not there yet), has been doing performance art for 50 years. I wonder if he’s ever wanted a real job.

And on that note, Blackstar. Some crazy, wonderful shit. Some crazy, crazy, crazy, wonderful shit with a classic 1983-era “Modern Love” Bowie dance right in the middle. Some crazy, wonderful shit.