How Bowie Stalked Chat Rooms In The 2000s And Was A Good Sport About Station Promos

It’s true we haven’t seen Bowie in — well, years. Maybe, like Richard Simmons, he just wants to spend some time alone. But we haven’t seen him, so we have nothing to compare his old self to — but there’s something about these old clips that seems so, well, unlike the Bowie that we at least glimpsed through the images released around the time of The Next Day.

This uncut, behind-the-scenes footage of Bowie in an interview and then doing the infamous “What’s Really Happening” live streamed recording, seems very, very old, when it’s only been 15 years. 15 years is not that long, it can’t be, because I can remember back 15 years — and if I can remember it, it can’t be that long ago.

Bowie recounts here his internet day, as it was then, what time he got up to check his email and then maintain his own website. Then got on with life in “the real world.” Sounds an awful lot like my life now, but I’m not David Bowie, unfortunately. He also talks about lurking in chat rooms, as he was known to do. David, if you read this website, hello. (Welcome back, and goodbye again. :))

This is from what was then ZDTV. Wikipedia says ZDTV became Tech TV and was bought out by G4. Of personal note to me is that one of the Tech TV personalities went on to have a broadcast career in the U.S., a minor celebrity she is. She is also the daughter of my third grade teacher, a connection from long ago, in a desolate, isolated and deserted town where I first discovered David Bowie. My third grade teacher hated me. She was a bitch.