David, Speak For Yourself. Then They’ll Get It Right

Is there a new David Bowie album or is there not… don’t mind us for asking, David, we just miss you. We miss seeing your smiling face on television, talking non-stop about a billion different ideas at once. We miss hearing your voice on new music every few years, the way it used to be, in the good old days.

So, here’s the thing. Tony Visconti told CNN there would be a new album, and seemed to imply it wasn’t the compilation album, and then he posted a tweet saying he was misquoted. Yes, Tony, if you watch the video, it’s clear you were talking about David’s cryptic message about “more music soon” that he sent to a charity function a few months ago. But don’t pretend you were misquoted, it seemed you were saying that “more music soon” implied to you that there would be a new album. A new album. Of new stuff.

So here’s what this says to me. Tony Visconti was being honest. Visconti is not necessarily working on a new album with Bowie, but Bowie’s quote implied to him that there was one in the works.

Bowie saw the headlines that a new, real live new album, was due out and he panicked. He picked up the phone or sent an email to his old pal Visconti and said, “Shut up! What are you saying?!?”

Make it simple, David. You know that other David based in New York, Letterman – he’s retiring soon, and he’s your comrade, your colleague, you’re the same age I believe. He’ll probably have you for a sit down. You probably won’t even have to take the mic. Just sit down and say, “maybe there will be an album, maybe there won’t be. You know, from the time I was 22 years old until I was 56, I released album after album, with never a break longer than three years between them. I was a machine, a production artist, churning it out, churning it out. Now, I’m done. I’d rather make music for myself or paint or play with the dog. It’s a cute dog, have you seen him? Iman posts pictures of him on her Instagram. Currently we are deciding whether or not we should just do lasagna again. You know, having a domestic life. After all that shit we put behind us.”

In my mind it’s simple. If you don’t want to speak in public, you can’t control what’s said in public. You’re either involved or you’re not. Leave poor Tony alone. He’s got his own life to lead beyond being your mouthpiece.