Ok but… do we really need a greatest hits album?

Come on, David.

I mean, really.

I remember when I was very, very young and inhaled young adult novels. One was a fictional account of a rock band, its success and demise. In the novel, when the band broke up, it announced it would fulfill its remaining contractual obligations by releasing “greatest hits” albums.

Bowie doesn’t have any contractual obligations left, does he? Is he just trying to get us to buy another package of the same old stuff?

Maybe it’s altruistic. You know, 50 years, if there are people new to Bowie who don’t want to buy 75 separate records or however many there are now.

Or maybe he planned on a full record of new songs, promised it to the label, and it didn’t come together, and he panicked.

Anyway. I’m saving my cash this time.

Not that there’s any money in selling records anymore, but if there was, I’d say… I take it back. You owe us a show, if you make us buy the old stuff.