Who Knew Bowie Didn’t Have The Rights To ‘Space Oddity’?

Not me.

What’s super-interesting… someone posted this on another site, in explanation, in the comments:


The copyright holder on “Space Oddity” is actually an organization called “Onward Music Ltd.”, which was a publishing arm of Fly Records, an obscure ’70s label owned by a certain David Platz. Fly Records’ first release was T-Rex’s “Ride A White Swan”, produced by long-time Bowie producer Tony Visconti.

After David Platz’s death his son Simon Platz inherited it. Simon has his own umbrella media company called Bucks Music Group in London. If you go to the home page of Bucks Music Group it explicitly says

“Bucks Music Group is an international and independent music publisher, whose core business evolved from a strong 60s and 70s back catalogue of copyrights including classic songs A Whiter Shade Of Pale, Space Oddity and She”