Seriously David Bowie And Iman – Let’s Get Some New Anniversary Pics, Or None At All…

When I graduated from law school, I posted a pic of me in a cap and gown. Except, it wasn’t from my law school graduation – it was from my high school graduation 14 years before.

No, that’s isn’t true. I did graduate from law school 14 years after graduating from high school – but I wasn’t on social media then. And I’m not inclined, typically, to post pictures of myself anywhere. But when I do, especially if they are celebrating an event – they are new.

Not like David Bowie and Iman… wait, scratch that, since David is invisible to the media these days, let’s say Iman, who pretends to have a social media presence but really just posts ads of her products and selfies promoting her makeup. Today was the couple’s 22nd anniversary (if they are even really still married, who knows) and she posted another old picture of the two of them.

It’s annoying. It says nothing. You might as well have taken an image from a stock photo gallery of a random couple. Constantly posting old photos says only this:

1. You don’t like the fact that you’ve aged and don’t want to be seen on social media as you look now;

2. You’re never together and therefore never have the opportunity to take a picture;

3. You want to preserve your “privacy,” by not posting new, non-studio pictures.

In the last case, if that’s true, don’t post about your anniversary at all. If you want your privacy, then don’t talk about your personal life. At all. It’s easy.

There you go. And I have to say, 25 years ago you weren’t really as hot a couple as you think. In retrospect, you’re both kind of ordinary-looking.