Shaun White Gives The Best Description Of A Bowie Song Ever


When asked about his Olympic playlist by Entertainment Weekly, Shaun White let us know David Bowie is on it. And he went on to give the best description ever of Moonage Daydream:

““I just think it’s the baddest way to start a song—by just f—ing screaming, ‘I’m an alligator!’ There’s something so inspiring — the guy can do whatever he wants, because he’s David Bowie. Literally, one of the lyrics is ‘You’re squawking like a big monkey bird.’  You can listen to it a bunch of times, and you’re at that point where you go, ‘Wait, what is he saying?’ And you’re just like, ‘This is great!’ Because it’s such a powerful song. I love the guitars in it, and I love his lyrics. It’s such a cool thing—during that time, people were really into space, I guess.””

Isn’t it sad that no one can ever be David Bowie again? I mean who else has the anatomy to do what he did, when he did it. I’m sure there’s volumes written on it, about what he was thinking and what his motivations are… but no one will ever be David Bowie again. He’s just so… Bowie.