Tonight Were The Grammys. Bowie Was Printing Books, Maybe, Or Skiing?

Bowie lost the Rock Album Grammy this year to a Led Zeppelin live recording from 2007, which included no new material, just a reunion performance of the classic hits. Kudos to Zeppelin, who apparently had never won a Grammy before tonight. Condolences to Bowie, but, truly, I doubt he’s even paying attention.

Did anyone really think he was going to win? I never thought he would. You can be a legend without being mainstream, and Bowie’s never been mainstream, and the Grammys always have been. It’s like Twitter feeds are now, what’s trending. Which is fine — but I don’t think it’s ever been any more substantial than that.

According to Wikipedia, Bowie has won 13 awards of 52 nominations — that includes two Grammy wins, for Lifetime Achievement (2006) and Best Short Form Video (1985). Bowie is hardly a Grammy favourite — let’s be honest, the Lifetime award in 2006 was probably because they thought he was dying.

The rest of the wins are an eclectic and appropriate mix. If you’re a Bowie-watcher, the 2007 Webby Lifetime Achievement, 1976 Saturn (Science Fiction) for Best Actor and 2000 GQ Most Stylish Man of the Year are fitting. Grammy? Well, as mentioned above, Led Zeppelin’s award tonight was their first. That’s got to say something.

Bowie probably wasn’t must interested in the Grammys, I say that as if I have any idea, which of course I don’t as I watched the broadcast, grateful for a day off and procrastinating from folding the laundry while the cat got his fur all over the pile. According to Bob Geldof last summer, The Next Day was a one-off for Bowie, and Geldof says this quoting people who not know David, “fairly well,” like he does, but who “do know him.”

Which means, if those friends of friends who overheard a rumour are correct, he probably doesn’t have much interest in the industry anymore — and why would you have any interest, when the premiere award show of that industry gives an accolade on the basis of a 7-year-old recording of music 40 years old, in essence, on a technicality?

I read somewhere Bowie owns a publishing press. Maybe I should send him a script. How could you make money publishing these days? Maybe he’s skiing somewhere. I read that too. Or reading a book a day, which I also read, online probably, and which I don’t understand, because I don’t read books.

You never know, if he does a live show and records it and releases it before the fall, he could win Best Rock Album next year.