“This is so good I could kiss David Bowie… I mean that in a beautiful way, because we did.”

It’s December 8 (perhaps December 9 by the time I finish writing this — but let’s say it’s December 8). That means it’s less than a month until David Bowie’s next birthday. Maybe this will be a quiet one for him; maybe the last one was a quiet one for him, too, just not for the rest of us who had their musical obsessions reawakened. Less than a month, which means it’s been almost a year since we were treated to new Bowie music. What a great year. A good year, it has been, 2013, just lovely.

December 8, 2013 would have been Jim Morrison’s 70th birthday. It is also the 33rd anniversary of John Lennon’s assassination. (A word, for the record, I hesitate to use, whether or not it is technically correct; it comes with anger, brutality and violence attached. I have difficulty, however, with words that camouflage circumstances of death. In any event. 33 years.)

It is also one day, or so, since David Bowie was nominated for a few Grammy awards. Has he ever won? I’m not sure. I do know, however, that he made an appearance on the show in 1975, with John and Yoko gazing on from the audience. He greeted “Ladies, gentlemen, others,” and overall, did quite well considering — well, if you think of what the Kirlian photographs must have looked like at that time.

I’m not crazy about the past. In general. I realize this now, as I’m writing this, I’m not (maybe no longer) in a moment of nostalgia. I like maturity, wisdom, the sense of knowing, of ease of oneself that comes, or should, later in life. That’s why this Bowie is so much more appealing than the Bowie in the video below; but like in all things of the present moment, the work-in-progress models had to come before.

(Side note to the previous post about I’d Rather Be High — so much better than the Louis Vuitton ad.)