Bowie Loves Puppets. And Projections. And The Lines On His Face, I Think. And Why Not?


Hallowe’en is usually not my favourite holiday. But this year, we were treated to a “homemade” Bowie video. Given the date and atmosphere you’d almost expect some creepy figure to appear from the shadows or blood to pour out of the faucet as Bowie vigourously washed his hands over and over, in some kind of… hand washing exercise.

But no, there’s just puppets. And this bizarre projection of his face on at least one puppet. Where have we seen this before? Ah, yes… in that delightful, wonderful surprise we were treated to in January of this year: the video for Where Are We Now? which featured Bowie’s face, projected on one of the 50th anniversary celebration stage dolls.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think it’s just about cheap lighting effects. I think he’s trying to make a statement on aging. In both videos he seems to be emphasizing the lines on his face. It’s as if he wants to make himself look older than he actually does, or as old as he actually is, without darkness to hide the flaws.

Except they are not flaws. Aging is, by its nature, flawless. It’s simply what we become when we have the privilege of sticking around, having fought the battles of life. Showing age is, well, appealing. It’s real, refreshing. Beautiful. The least like creepy at all.

By the way, I don’t buy the story that the video only cost $12.99 to make. Those sandwiches and Jimmy King’s time must have cost something.