You sold me illusions for a sack full of cheques…


I love new Bowie. The Next Day really is his best I think. Right now, there’s nothing I want to listen to more.

The lyrics for “Love is Lost,” posted today on Bowie’s official Facebook page, make me sad. “Wave goodbye to the life without pain,” he sings, as if there really is any such thing. (I hate to break that to you, narrator of the song; even the best choices can’t give you a life without pain). Sometimes I wonder if Bowie, like other writers, has boxes of scribblings that he goes to when he decides to write something. These lyrics could have been written yesterday, or forty years ago. I have those kinds of scribblings. In my case, they all suck. They are just taking up space in the closet.

(Since it’s now March, maybe it is time for a Spring cleaning).

Cracked Actor is one of those great edgy songs you could see fitting on The Next Day. It’s aggressive, its subject matter is bleak. It’s maybe a touch — a touch — too crude; the lyrics on The Next Day (what I can make of them) have a bit more wisdom behind their difficult vision of the world. The story of Cracked Actor is also, by now, an old one, well-understood and often repeated. Not stand out material in 2013. But awesome fodder for greatest hits; or effective nostalgia to accompany the upcoming 40th anniversary of Aladdin Sane.