A love that will last within your heart… I’ll place the moon within your heart…


It’s March 5, and I’m having blogger-of-a-blog-with-a-deadline guilt. I have only seven days left on this little personal scrapbook project of mine. To be “true” to the Bowie catalogue, shouldn’t I devote some more space to those classic songs from the Berlin trilogy? Shouldn’t I make sure I hit every studio album and mine YouTube for a decent video from PinUps?

Nah. I wanna talk about Labyrinth.

When I started this, part of me thought that maybe he really was dying. This was an outlet — subconsciously, perhaps — for a fan goodbye. Now, I no longer think he’s dying. And I really don’t want the last few days of this blog to be an academic project.

So, here we have Jareth, the Goblin King.

Bowie’s acting here, it’s a film clip, from a movie I never saw. The song is his, the concept is not; but for some reason it fits my image of Bowie. It delves into the realm of pure fantasy. It reminds me of the Bowie that was very comfortable playing dress-up: when it was about every possible outlet for creative expression. Not just the music, but the stage, the design, the look. And a feeling that — whether this was true or not — Bowie didn’t really care what people thought, whether they liked it or not, whether it made sense to anyone else. It’s the daring prospect of who I want to be, here, right now. Meet me here if you want, or not.

This fits every David Bowie, in one way or another, until he slipped away a decade ago. As much as I’m tempted to say the image-procession stopped post-Earthling, it didn’t: with Hours we had the everyman; Heathen the philosopher; Reality the rock star. These were also conceptual albums, but subversively so. Pretty sneaky.

As for this song, his character is a bad guy, but these lyrics are very, well, romantic. “I’ll place the moon within your heart…” How beautiful is that?