Well, I might be able to stretch it to Wednesday…

I remember my 20th birthday. I was sitting in a campus pub with a couple of friends and was delighted at how mature I felt. Somehow turning 20 made me an adult. (Emerging from my teen years, up until the moment it actually happened, I’d been dreading, for fear of becoming old.) I hadn’t done much by the time I was 20. I was kicking about. Thinkin’ about life. Working, schooling, writing, socializing… kicking about.

David Bowie, by the time he was 20, had already released a studio album and learned mime. But, you know, he’s a genius.

Love You Till Tuesday is a single from that first studio release of Bowie’s. The film in this clip is dated 1969, but it was made later, I think; the record had a release date of ’67, and this sounds about as mainstream of 60s pop music as you can get.

To get a real sense of the leaps and bounds traversed by Bowie in this period… compare this song, recorded in 1967, to the phenomenal (I love that word, I can rarely think of a better one) Moonage Daydream, from the seminal Ziggy Stardust in 1972. That is only five years; between those two records, Bowie had three other classic studio releases: Space Oddity, The Man Who Sold The World and Hunky Dory. And he never really stopped, up until his last release in 2003. No wonder we all thought he was dead.