Do you like girls or boys… It’s confusing these days…

Ah, Outside album… you keep coming back to haunt me. All it took to pique my curiosity yesterday was the post on Bowie’s official Facebook page, commemorating the 17th anniversary of the release of the Hallo Spaceboy single. They quote Bowie as once saying of the track:

“I adore that track. In my mind, it was like Jim Morrison meets industrial. When I heard it back, I thought, ‘Fuck me. It’s like metal Doors,’ It’s an extraordinary sound.”

Since anything that melds the Doors and Bowie is kind of my nirvana, I had a listen to the original album version. And, yes, the description is apt — shockingly so. But the vibe from this album still makes me distinctly queasy.

So… I’m sharing a less Doors-y, but somehow more extraordinary, version of this song; live from 2002. Take a look at the audience in this one. Bowie certainly retained some of the new fans he scooped up during his industrial phase.