Like Everest it’s fatal… Its peaks are cold as ice…

More Tin Machine. Because this is my blog, and I can talk about whatever songs I want.

Reeves Gabrels is part of the legacy of Tin Machine — lest we forget. This is a collaboration with Bowie that went on at least a good ten years after Tin Machine I came out. This was something that worked; remember, when Tin Machine I was released, it was 1989; listen to Tin Machine alongside Never Let Me Down and you get a good sense of what a departure this was for Bowie. It is gutsy, for an artist, to have (and follow) the instinct to make the shift into a band, a garage band, so soon after unparalleled success in pop music. Sure, by this time Bowie’s favour with critics and the public was said to have been waning; but a lesser artist would have simply remade Let’s Dance. David Bowie gathers some musicians, creates a group — of which he’ll be the lead singer — and starts playing music on stripped down stages with no production matrix.