You’re still breathing but you don’t know why… Life’s a bitch and sometimes you die…

The 1999 movie Stigmata received poor reviews and limited box office success. It was flashy, billed itself as a horror movie but really was anything but; it had more to do with questioning religion and replacing it with spirituality than it had to do with sending you home with bad dreams. I loved it. It was my kind of movie.

It also had an incredible soundtrack, of which David Bowie played a small part. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell was also featured on “Hours…” which Bowie went on the chat/performance circuit to promote. This song is a Reeves Gabrels/Bowie collaboration at its best; hard rock that is still singable, lyrics that are interesting enough to make you want to sing.

The sound quality on this particular David Letterman show performance is mediocre, but the interview that follows (at 3:54) includes some interesting conversation about the Bowie IPO in 1997. Leave it to David Bowie to find an innovative way to get paid for his music, and get back control of his catalogue.