Take your protein pills and put your helmet on …

Where Are We Now? may not be about age, necessarily. It’s certainly reflective, but may be less about getting older than many of the tracks from, say, “Hours,” Thursday’s Child — at least with reference to the video — not the least among them.

But it feels appropriate to stop for a minute and look, listen and watch Bowie when he was young. According to the YouTube poster — accuracy I can’t really verify and don’t really care to — this is a television clip from 1970. Bowie had had some success with this song, the iconic Space Oddity, and he was performing as part of a showcase where he received — note this at the end — a “special merit award for originality.” Ironic, considering you can see this Bowie as quite mainstream, given the (elements that we analyze when it comes to what is mainstream) hair, clothing, and general tenor of the performance.

There is a feeling of wide-eyed enthusiasm here. This is Bowie prior to Ziggy, perhaps before he’d found his particular niche in music. If it can be ever said that Bowie did find a niche — I think we can say that, when it comes to Bowie, he never found his niche. He created it.