I’m frightened by the total goal… Drawing to the ragged hole… And I ain’t got the power anymore…

While I’m thinking of My Dream Bowie show — I might include some Cure covers. Or even just a cover of Lullaby. Robert Smith can be there, or not. I think Bowie could handle the spider-man lyrics all on his own.

Quicksand is one of those truly beautiful songs, whose subject matter is so compounded by layers of meaning, anyone — whether you’re David Bowie or not — would sing it differently in 1997, in 2004 or any dates in between than he would have when it was originally released in 1971.

You, especially if you’re me, can overthink this one. It’s Bowie steeped in metaphysics, perhaps his own questioning of whatever spiritual leanings he had at the time, or not. There is a particular dynamic when, during this performance with Smith at Bowie’s 50th birthday celebration in 1997, Bowie first sings the line, “I ain’t got the power anymore…” Bowie, at least in 1997, judging by the look on his face, doesn’t seem to think that’s such a bad thing.