Down in space it’s always 1982… The joke we always knew…

This blog has an end date of March 11, 2013. This song is so epic, I am tempted to save it for last. But I’ve learned to never count on dates or plans, even those for the near future. This song moves me today. So today it goes up.

Somehow, despite cryptic lyrics, you listen to this song and know exactly what it’s about. To me, it takes only two lines: “Drags his bones (Bones) to see the Yankees play,” and that rousing introduction to the cinema-worthy chorus (you hear it for the first time, in this clip, at 1:45) “Don’t forget to keep your head warm.” You can see the ravages of age, the regret of the past, the flashes of memory from the innocence and hope of childhood, the powerlessness over change.

[For Bowie’s much less profound description of this song’s origins, check out the Toronto show from 2004 — at 1 hr, 13 mins or so.]

I’m among those who believe we’re all here for a specific set of reasons — you can call it karma, you can call it our piece of the puzzle that, collectively, creates a complete fabric of humanity. We all are given certain gifts, which many never find, and of those that do, only a few ever choose to stand in during their time on earth.

Here, David Bowie is standing fully in his gift.