For if we don’t find… the next whiskey bar… I tell you we must die…


My dream Bowie show would include a lot of Ziggy, a lot of Earthling, a spattering of everything else, and a selection of Doors covers.

Imagine, David Bowie singing The Crystal Ship. Let me dream for a just a moment. Sigh. Incredible. Whether it’s his voice from 1969, 1987, 2002 or 2013 — that would be amazing.

But I digress. I’m thrown off track by this clip, where indeed, we have Bowie in the vein of Morrison.

I know this is an old, old song. It goes back well before The Doors or Bowie, by a good number of decades — but I look at this performance and I think, “It’s Bowie, covering Jim Morrison. It’s Bowie, covering Jim Morrison. It’s Bowie… and he’s covering Jim Morrison.”

(Any number of cliches fit here. “I can die now.” “It gets no better.” The angels have arisen and are littering the stage… Ok, that last one I made up. Not sure what it means, but it’s something along the lines of, “I can die now.”)