Is it any wonder…

You’ve got the 90’s version of Fame — appropriately called Fame 90 — with that stylish video featuring the work of a dancer, Louise Lecavalier, from La La La Human Steps. The same imagery and human contortions that accompanied Bowie on his “Goodbye to the Old Hits,” tour, 1990’s Sound + Vision. I remember that show. I remember how stripped down it seemed, my memory of Glass Spider three years prior still fresh in my mind.

Then you’ve got the original, the 1975 version of Fame. Ah Bowie in 1975, making an appearance on Soul Train, with a little too much hair mousse and a bit too in love with himself — and still able to pull off a passable lip synch.

You can thank Rembert Browne for finding this one — and posting it amidst a screen-shot analysis of Bowie and Jagger’s Live Aid classic, Dancing In The Street — a drop-dead hilarious analysis you can find on this blog by scrolling down to the articles from January 25.