Is it true that Frank Zappa has a son named Moon Unit?

When I saw Bowie live in 1997, it was a small, open air venue. A man near me proclaimed to those around that it was his first Bowie show since the Diamond Dogs tour in 1974. This man had seniority over me, as I had seniority over the two young lads to my right, attending their ever first Bowie show, having just discovered him through his mid-90s association with Nine Inch Nails.

I have wondered, at times, who that Bowie was that was on stage in 1974. It was this one.

There are parts of Bowiedom that even I refuse to revisit — Outside can be eliminated from the back catalogue as far as I am concerned — but this seems relevant, although difficult to watch. Stepping away from the performance videos for a moment — scroll past the cringe-worthy rendition of Young Americans to the lengthy interview starting at 12:00 — and you get a sense of what Bowie was talking about in his VH1 introduction to Word On A Wing.

Having gotten through, past and over this period is part of the fabric of the Bowie story.