Hey, that’s far out… so you heard him too…

“Amidst his musical wanderings in the late 60s, he experimented with mixed media, cinema, mime, Tibetan Buddhism, acting and love.” — David Bowie.com (Bio)

At one point, Bowie seemed obsessed with aliens. It wasn’t always about getting lost, a la Space Oddity. Sometimes it seemed to have that air of, “wouldn’t it be cool if…” And, “Look at the stars! Imagine… if just one of those planets had life…”

Starman reminds me of whom I imagine that late 60s Bowie, experimenting with  Tibetan Buddhism and love, would be. Or who knows, maybe a young Bowie did have an encounter: that perhaps there really is a Starman who’d like to come and meet us, but he thinks he’d blow our minds.