I feel her heart beating, loud as thunder…

The last time I saw David Bowie live, in 2004, I was handed concert tickets. In a way. A co-worker approached me and said she and a couple of friends had extra tickets and did I want to go.

Oh my God, I said. I love David Bowie. You have no idea.

Oh yeah, she said. Me too. I used to pretend he was singing China Girl about me.

Needless to say, when the concert was over, even the casual fans were on air. I admitted it wasn’t my first Bowie show (it was my fourth, over a span of 17 years) which, by then, was pretty obvious.

Going to that concert, in retrospect, was an amazing gift. He was at that point a few months away from cancelling dates due to health issues, and then virtually disappearing until about a week ago. Not knowing how serious it would turn out to be, I told several people after that show, in a joking way, that the show was great but the poor man needed a chair — he kept leaning over at the microphone, like he was having difficulty standing.

(David, thank you for taking time to rest.)

China Girl, one of those basic pop hits, is elevated to new heights when performed acoustically, with a couple of mates, all sitting in chairs on stage.