She was shaking like this honey doin’ that…

Most of what Bowie did in the late 80s smacked of mass production. You can tell because, when you look back, you see the swooped up hair and the coloured suits and think, “that was the style then.” Unlike other eras, when you look back and say, “That was Bowie’s style then.”

The 80s were my introduction to Bowie. The Never Let Me Down record, released when I was 12, made me go back and forage through a collection of old cassettes to find Changesonebowie — and become addicted to its classic rock tunes that forever altered the way I saw art and music.

The title track from Never Let Me Down is a straightforward, beautiful pop song. The soft, easy to absorb, singable melody nicely supports the touching lyrics, apparently written about Bowie’s longtime staffer Coco Schwab. The song is so clean, you can almost see its sheet music, each note in its place, the precise rhythm: “Trapped in a high-dollar joint in some place, I called her name…”