Looking Back, Looking Forward

After the apocalypse didn’t come, many of us were left wondering, “what next”? If you don’t have the end of the world to look forward to, what big, dramatic moment can you mark on your calendar? What do you plan for, day after day, as a reason to keep going through the malaise and drudgery of the flu-ridden winter with the hope that, in a moment, things will shift?

Then, on January 8, 2013, David Bowie’s 66th birthday, we were reminded that life was not always this dull. We once lived in a society where true artists were rare, but existent. Where creativity was not drowned out by a rehashing of what has come before, and come before, and come before.

I started this blog to celebrate Bowie. Every day I’ll post a different video from his past, extraordinary body of work and incomparable contribution to the landscape of our lives. One video a day, until March 11, 2013 — not the apocalypse, but a rebirth. Welcome back, David. You have been missed.